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    trance[]control, formally based on the two cousins Alex and Andreas. The project first took shape sometime during the first months of 1997 where producing as trance[]control for about 10 years. 2012 marks a new beginning as Alex takes on trance[]control on his own.

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Original members: Alexander Carlborg aka DjC (Left); Andreas Wennersköld aka WennE (Right)

The production duo trance[]control was founded early 1997 by the cousins Alexander Carlborg & Andreas Wennersköld. At a start music was only a common interest between the two but but the future had a bit more in stock then that. Andreas who previous to trance[]control played various instruments and was used to music programming had a fairly solid background within music. This compared to Alexander who pretty much didn’t have any background within music what so ever.

Today trance[]control is one of the largest, most well known and most downloaded bands on the internet. Even though the time from start to today has been fairly short counted in years, the path still has been long with many tricky turns along the way.

Their style & sound can generally be described as hard, progressive & melodic trance. But keep in mind that trance is a very broad genre where the lines between the different sub-genres are extremely thin. The bands specialty has over the years become to produce music that appeal people that normaly wouldn’t listen to this type of music. The age-scale of their listeners range from 10-65 years, though the more common group of people are between 15-30 years old. Despite the slightly odd and undergroundbased style of this band, their music still appeal the most addicted trance lovers out there as well. For instance, the band frequently is compared to other superstar Dj’s such as Commander Tom, BT, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Dj Tiësto to name a few.