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    trance[]control, formally based on the two cousins Alex and Andreas. The project first took shape sometime during the first months of 1997 where producing as trance[]control for about 10 years. 2012 marks a new beginning as Alex takes on trance[]control on his own.

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Alex @ work (His real job)

Alexander Carlborg
Born october 5, 1976 in Gothenburg, Sweden
Occupation: Rope Access & Scaffolder on the rigs of the North Sea (Off the coast of Norway)

Yepp, that’s me! Born and initially raised in the not so pleasant part of the suburbs of Gothenburg where I spent my first 10 years in life. I might give you the full story of my life at a later point but right now I’ve got a website to create.

My experience within music evolve from getting a cheap battery driven keyboard when I was very young. After disassembling the keyboard into minute atoms at the age of 4 trying to figure out what the parts where and did – the keyboard mysteriously stopped to work and was thrown away. A few years later at the age of 9 I wanted to start playing the guitar. Unfortunately the class was full, so I ended up with a weird pear shaped “guitar” that had 4 strings on it (a mandolin). Class began and I got bored since I had no intention of learning notes – I was the annoying kid that just wanted to play (at that point Twisted Sisters and Kiss). As the teacher kept annoying me to learn notes and scales – Mandolin class was aborted, the instrument again magically disappeared and my rock-star career was forgotten, mostly by myself.

I got my very first computer back in 1993 (a hefty 25 Mhz 286 PC running Dos) and once I managed to get Windows 3.11 on that thing I accidentally discovered that you could program notes into the computer and it would play them back. What a fantastic machine that was! Later on I and a friend got a new pc, this time a 40 Mhz 386dx40 and for the very first time I bought a sound card and an Evolution Midi keyboard. My very first pieces of studio equipment actually. A SoundBlaster AWE32 witch we fitted with a whooping 4 Mb of ram. The sound card worked as a sampler and the software we used was bundled with the Midi keyboard (an Evolution branded super-light version of cakewalk).

One day my cousin Andreas came to visit and I quickly learned he also liked to produce music, though using tracker software. We sat down with my hefty kit and the very first trance[]control song named “Another Beat” was born. We quickly realized that we where a good match and started to create music on a regular basis. We performed at drunken parties and festivities hosted among friends and after a while I decided to buy my very first synthesizer. I went to the store, found a Yamaha CS1x and I said to myself. -“I truly enjoy making music and I’ll spend this money trying to figure out if this is what I really want to do”. Money spent, happiness was greater than ever and weeks later I decided to go ALL IN.

I went to the bank, took a fairly big loan (85.000 Swedish Crowns) and bought the basis of the first real trance[]control Studio. A new 166 Mhz computer, a new sound card, an 8-port MIDI interface, a Novation Drumstation, a Clavia Nordrack, a small 12 ch mixer desk, a Zoom 1204 multi effect and a license of Emagic Logic Audio Silver.

…To be continued